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Mission Statement

The mission of the District is to educate our children through educational strategies designed to facilitate self-development. We will provide an educational program that incorporates the language, history, and culture of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe into all aspects of the school; the children of the community will be provided an educational environment that promotes their development in the areas of self-respect, respect for others, and a strong sense of self-esteem.


Activities Handbooks 2012-2013

Polices of the Board of Trustees of Lame Deer Public Schools

Lame Deer School District Polices were reviewed and/or revised in the fall of the 2010-2011 School Year. You will need Adobe Reader to access the policies. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you may download it here. adobeReader

Lame Deer School District Policies - MTSBA Website

Master Index (Alphabetical Listing)

Board of Trustees, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2014-2015


elementary Lame Deer Elementary School  

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  • Fax - 406-477-8234

Principals, Counselors, Secretaries, etc. (406)477-6305

Kindergarten-Grade 2 (406)477-6305

Grades 3-6 (406)477-6305

PE, Library,Computers, Art & Cheyenne Culture  (406)-477-6305

Special Education (406)477-6305

Alta Care (406) 477-6305

Bus Routes~Stops Lame Deer Schools ~ 2011-2012

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Muddy Cluster / Muddy Creek / Cut-Across

Busby / Kirby

Birney / Sweet Medicine

Route #4 Ashland / East of Lame Deer / Westside

Special Education

Route # 7 Eastside / N. 39 / Street

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high_school  Junior & Senior High School

"Where Students are Sacred and Learning Comes First."

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Junior High & High School Staff ~ (406) 477-8900

Junior and Senior High School Support Staff ~ (406) 477-8900

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School Year Calendar - 2011-2012 ,2012-2013, 2013-2014

Months of the Year

  • 1 Hohtséeše’he – January –Hoop Moon
  • 2 Ma’xėhohtséeše’he – February - Big Hoop Moon
  • 3 Pónoma’a’ėhasenéeše’he – March – Drying up Moon
  • 4 Véhpotséeše’he – April – Leaf Moon
  • 5 Matsé’oméeš’he – May – Spring Moon
  • 6 Enano’éeše’he – June – Planting Moon
  • 7 Méanéeš’he – July – Summer Moon
  • 8 Oenenéeše’he – August – Harvest Moon
  • 9 Tonóeveéše’he – September – Fall Moon
  • 10 Sé’énéhe – October – Facing Into
  • 11 He’konéneéš’he – November – Hard Face Moon
  • 12 Ma’xėhe’konéneéše’he – December – Big Hard Face Moon

Days of the Week

  • nõ’ka  éšeẽva – Monday – 1st Day
  • éénema’heóneéšeeve – Monday – end of holy day
  • nèxa éšeẽva – Tuesday – 2nd Day
  • na’ha éšeẽva – Wednesday – 3rd Day
  • nèva  éšeẽva – Thursday – 4th Day
  • nóhona éšeẽva Friday – 5th Day
  • tšėške’ma’heóneéšeẽva – Saturday – Little Holy Day
  • ma’heóneéšeẽva – Sunday – Holy Day

oldSchoolBrief History of Lame Deer Schools

Information on the history of our school district has been difficult to track down.  However, Mrs. Mabel Small and Mr. George Birtic have put together the following history:

         1909    Public schooling was established in Lame Deer

  • 1940    Lame Deer School District consisted of two buildings for grades K-8. The school buildings were located in the vicinity of the parking lot of the Allen Rowland Gym. A log cabin, located where tribal forestry is housed, served as the administration building and the cafeteria.
  • 1950     A cafeteria was added in the basemane of the larger of the two school buildings.  In the mid 1950s the elementary school was built and consisted of the north and south wings, the office are, and a library. These areas are still in use today.
  • 1960    Teacher housing was built in the area where the present administration building is located. 
  • 1970     In the early 1970s the current elementary school library was used as a gym, cafeteria and auditorium.  The superintendent served as school principal.  It wasn’t until the mid 1970s, as the school population grew, that a principal for the school was hired.  During this time the east wing was added on to the elementary buildings.  In the late 1970s a new cafeteria was built.

    elementary school

  • 1980    In 1984 the Allen Rowland Gymnasium and classrooms were finished and put to use and the Lame Deer Junior High School.  The project was funded through the Coal Board.
  • 1990    After much lobbying and hard work, the Lame Deer High School was established in 1995. The new high school was housed in temporary modular buildings while the new high school building was constructed.
     2000    January – The new high school building was opened and grades 9-12 held their classes in their new school.  Grades 6-8 moved into the modular buildings the high school students had used while their new building was completed. jrHigh
  • 2000-03    A new modular structure was constructed for the The Lame Deer Alternative Learning Center.  A new conference room was used for school board meetings.  It is still used for school board meetings.
  • 2004    The former Lame Deer Alternative Learning Center was used to host the Lame Deer Parent Center and the Technology Department.
  • 2005    The modular buildings that housed the Lame Deer Junior High School were closed due to mold infestation and the 7-8 grades were moved to the new high school building. Grade 6 returned to the elementary school.
  • 2006    After the removal of the old Junior High School Buildings and a cleanup of the mold, a fuel station for district vehicles was built in the same location.  
  • 2007    Three new classrooms are added to the high school building to accommodate the junior high school students.
  • 2009    Construction began on the location of the old junior high school  for a new building house school buses. 
  • 2011 ~ Construction on a new elementary school wing begins after several classrooms are demolished to make way for new classrooms.
  • Lame Deer Schools continue to grow to meet the educational needs of the students of Lame Deer and the surrounding districts.

high school

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tech_bldg  Technology Building

It is part of our department’s job to ensure that our district complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This is an act of Congress that tries to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate materials or placed in harm’s way because of what they see or do while using the Internet.   Schools and public libraries which do not follow the guidelines of the act may lose government funding for computers and Internet access. 

Our department has adopted 3 ways of trying to protect our students. First we have adopted an Internet Acceptable Use Policy. The second thing we have done is to install an Internet Filter which blocks offensive sites, social networking sites like My Space or Facebook, and games and gambling sites among others.  While some of these sites seem harmless, they do little to contribute to a student’s academic progress and have been shown to sometimes place a child in harm’s way. The third way we try to protect our staff and students is to issue individual computer accounts and passwords to allow computer users to have a secure place to store their work.  Our Revised Acceptable Use Policy states that sharing accounts and passwords is not allowed.  A computer account is not the user’s personal property and it cannot be given away or shared.  It is the responsibility of each user to keep his or her account secure.

Technical Support Staff (406)477-6305

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Useful Forms and Links

You will not be able to fill in and submit these forms online.  You will have to print them, fill them out and bring them to the District Enrollment Clerk at the Technology Building, next to the District Administration Building. You will need Adobe Reader for some of the documents.

District Policies

Useful Links

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Infinite Campus Help

Infinite Campus is the Student Information System we use to keep our student records. You just need a few things to get started:

  1. A computer or access to a computer with Internet connection.
  2. A user name and password. (call 477-6305 ext. 1011 or email to get a user name and password)
  3. Use this link, it is different than the link the teacher's use : Infinite Campus for Students and Parents.

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Office of Public Instruction

Infinite Campus Documents


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